T-Pain was rear-ended in a hit-and-run collision in Atlanta on Sunday, and he filmed the aftermath in an Instagram video. He claims the unknown car rammed into his vehicle as he was driving home from the airport.

“It’s hard out here, man,” he remarked. “Who ran into the back of my truck, hit me, my wife, my road manager, and drove away?” My n***a. Life is going to get much worse. First and foremost, n***a, you left the entire goddamn front of your truck, so we know exactly what we’re looking for. You abandoned your f*cking baby toy. So, we know you have kids. Look, I know times are tough. And I know it’s difficult out there. But I tell you what: sh*t is going too well for me not to want retribution right now.”

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Despite the accident, T-Pain appeared to be in a good mood, returning to the comments area of his post with jokes. “People who say my neck and back would suffer tomorrow are grossly underestimating how much my neck and back were already hurting from simply being old. We’re also in Atlanta, less than a mile from the airport. The silver Chevy SUV from 2003-2007 seems to have been damaged heavily, with the grill missing.