Rap beefs are moving like lightening these days.

Chris Brown released the rude “Weakest Link” on a Friday, and Quavo reacted with “Over Hoes & B*tches” on a Monday. Both disses were filled with nasty bars about ex-girlfriends and previous transgressions, but the latter has received varied reactions from fans. Some thought Quavo could have been more aggressive against Brown, while others thought it was gimmicky to add a verse from the late Takeoff. Unsurprisingly, Brown was among the most vocal critics.

Chris Brown was so unimpressed with Quavo’s “Over Hoes & B*tches” that he didn’t even answer on wax. Instead, he went on social media an hour after the song was out and blasted it. “Google raps,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories. “That s**t is pooooooop.” The facepalm and laughing emojis would have sufficed, but Breezy continued. He expressed disappointment with Quavo, claiming that he was looking forward to a competitive rap feud. “Damn, and I was excited,” he explained. “That s**t don’t even need a response.” The R&B artist put salt in the wound by invoking Takeoff (again).

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Brown claimed that Quavo was the poorest rapper in Migos, and that fans wished he had died rather than Takeoff. “R.I.P. Takeoff, he the only real one that got true respect,” Brown said on his diss tune. “Crazy how when he died, everybody really wished it was you instead (Oh sh*t, brrah).” A nasty statement, for sure, but one the R&B singer was able to reaffirm because of the late rapper’s involvement on “Over Hoes & B*tches.” He closed his insulting IG post by writing: “Takeoff rap better.”

Quavo has been upfront about how difficult it was for him to cope with Takeoff’s death, and he even alluded to it in “Over Hoes & B*tches.” However, he did not criticize Brown for his bars. “I’m still f**ked up about Takeoff, I want who did it, n**ga (Uh),” he said as he rapped. “But that’s some real street s**t, back to the industry.” Brown’s social media trolling will certainly exacerbate the problem, but the fate of the Brown-Quavo feud is now unknown. The former argued he does not need to respond, but eventually the fans decide who wins.