Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, is ready for his day in court.

Williams was recently diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia, therefore a guardian was appointed to take over her legal responsibilities. As additional information emerges, Hunter and Williams’ situation becomes increasingly complex. Sabrina Morrissey, the beloved former talk show host’s guardian, had requested that Hunter refund money he was overpaid for during his divorce from Williams. Morrissey said that Hunter was paid by The Wendy Williams Show until October 2021 and that he continued to get his monthly salary three months after. Williams’ guardian claims that this violates the couple’s divorce agreement.

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Kevin Hunter had petitioned the court last month, prior to the present legal dispute. He said he stopped getting the agreed-upon severance money under their divorce settlement. This caused Williams’ Guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, to intervene, and we now have a legal struggle. Kevin Hunter seemed to be confident despite the court struggle. He posed for pictures and made comments before to his court appearance.

Kevin Hunter uploaded three images of himself on social media wearing a bluish-gray suit and shades, indicating that he is prepared for a legal battle. He captioned the photos, “ of MANY to come‼️” Hunter has expressed a wish for the judge who presided over his and Wendy Williams’ divorce to assist him. It’s another complicated development in what will ultimately be a sad story. Even after Williams was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia, the drama continued.

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The accusations are in direct contradiction with Hunter’s claims concerning his severance package. He alleges he has not received the agreed-upon payments since 2022. He expects to get 23 months’ back salary for the lost monies. Wendy Williams’ guardianship response argues that he was paid more than agreed. The courtroom battle will undoubtedly be messy. Whatever the case, it is a tragic circumstance. As the court case progresses, we will eventually learn the truth about the scenario.