David Beckham has filed a lawsuit against Mark Wahlberg for a failed partnership with F45 Training.

According to TMZ, the iconic soccer star’s company, DB Ventures Ltd., filed a complaint alleging that Walhberg’s Mark Wahlberg Investment Group “duped” Beckham into doing business with the fitness company, in which the actor owns a 36% stake and serves on the board of directors. Beckham agreed to be a global ambassador after becoming friends with Wahlberg in Los Angeles.

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According to the lawsuit, Beckham lost $10 million because the stocks he was entitled in the contract with the corporation were not delivered to him until after the stock price had collapsed. Beckham is also suing F45’s founders, Adam Gilchrist and Rob Deutsch.

Wahlberg and his co-defendants sought to dismiss the action, which they described as “fraudulent conduct,” but a judge denied their request.

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Beckham and F45’s cooperation began in 2021, with the firm announcing it in a since-deleted Instagram post. “Welcome to the F45 family @davidbeckham.” “This is only the beginning of our journey together; we hope you’re all prepared for what’s to come #F45 #F45Training,” the firm stated.

F45 Training also stated that Beckham would be a key component of their “brand marketing initiative to support its continued expansion.”

Beckham is not the only athlete to sue F45 Training. Terrell Owens, a former NFL wide receiver, sued them in 2017, saying that the corporation failed to pay him the $700,000 promised in a promotional video arrangement.