Fans of The View have been discussing Whoopi Goldberg’s future on the show after she purportedly appeared ‘uninterested’ on a recent episode.

Goldberg, now 68, joined The View’s cast as a host and moderator in 2007 and has remained a regular on the show ever since.

She presently stars with Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro, and she continues to express her thoughts on a variety of things that come up – however some fans have recently stated she appears ‘bored’.

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On April 15, one viewer wrote on X: “@TheView.” I absolutely adore The View, but Whoopie sitting there indifferent is becoming old. I love you, Whoopie, but come on…”

The next day, another fan wrote: “@TheView, why is @whoopie_g the host and seems bored all the time so dry!! “[What the hell].”

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The comments come after an individual with knowledge of the show told The Sun that Goldberg appeared ‘weary’ when filming the episode, which aired on April 17.

They claimed: “Whoopi entered the room wearing slouchy pink overalls, a white dress shirt, and clog shoes.

“She was very underdressed compared to the other hosts who were wearing dresses or pencil skirts.”

The insider went on to say Goldberg appeared ‘uninterested’ in chats and was ‘not in an optimistic mood compared to the others’.

“She was slouching and resting her head on her hand at times,” the insider explained.

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“After she was done reading her note cards, she would rip them up into pieces and hand them to a crew member, which is something the other co-hosts weren’t doing.”

Some viewers have said that it is ‘time for Whoopi to quit The View’, but Goldberg addressed the possibility of retirement in October and stated that she had no intentions to step down.

At the time, she stated: “I’ve done nothing but retire.” I’ve been retired my entire career, so I appreciate that, sure.”

Goldberg told The US Sun at the Fashion Group International Night of Stars Gala: “I have a contract.” Nobody minds as long as I fulfill the contract.

“But I’ve been off on Fridays for years now because when we did that normally, I’d go to work and do shows or do whatever because I could travel on a Friday.”