Taylor Swift suggests in one of her new songs that she had an alcohol issue, despite the fact that she’s no stranger to liquor right now. It’s impossible to determine if she’s serious or not.

The singer released her new album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” on Friday. It covers her breakups with Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy. Fans noticed a phrase in the first tune, “Fortnight,” that presents her (or whoever she’s singing as) as an alky during this time.

Taylor sings. “I was scheduled to be sent away, but they neglected to come and collect me. I was a functioning alcoholic until no one noticed my new appearance. All of this to say, “I hope you’re fine / But you’re the reason / And no one here is to blame / But what about your quiet treason?”

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Taylor doesn’t elaborate on this in the song, so we’re not sure whether she’s being literal or metaphorical. What’s intriguing is that she quit drinking in the months preceding up to her “Eras” tour, at least according to TIME Magazine.

She previously told TIME that she had to abandon her “frat guy” ways while on tour, instead focusing on working out and living a sober lifestyle in order to be in peak condition for her nearly 4-hour concerts.

While Taylor may not have been boozing at the start of her “Eras” tour, it did not last long… because as we’ve seen over the last several months, Taylor has frequently had a drink on her for various occasions, particularly when around Travis Kelce.

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Taylor has been seen pounding beers and other alcoholic beverages at several football games she’s attended while watching her boyfriend play… and that was clearly on display during the Super Bowl, where she was enjoying the time of her life… with a cup in hand.

Even during Taylor’s Bahamas vacation with Travis, she was in the ocean clutching a cocktail — and this past weekend at Coachella, some observed she appeared to be inebriated, with lip-readers reporting seeing her apologizing to TK for being drunk.

Taylor has been spotted drinking at almost every major public event she has attended recently, including all of the Super Bowl after-parties, when she was raging with the squad.

“Drunk Taylor” was also trending during the 2023 VMAs, as fans believed the singer was buzzing at the awards show… so it’s clearly something people notice about her.

Interestingly, she also appears to be aware of it — though, in the song, she refers to being a “alcoholic” in the past tense, implying that she used to drink even more… again, assuming this is meant to be understood literally.

Taylor has never appeared to be out of control, FWIW; while she enjoys having a good time, and even a few drinks here and there, there have never been any obvious signals that she lacks self-control… or that this is a serious problem.

Fans, however, have expressed concern about her recent alcohol comment, which has sparked discussion.