Mandisa, a “American Idol” veteran and Grammy-winning singer, has died, TMZ has learned.

Her father confirms her death to TMZ, saying it was unexpected and a complete shock to the family. We are told that there were no known health difficulties prior to her demise, and the reason of death is unknown.

Mandisa, who finished ninth in season 5 of ‘Idol,’ was found dead at her Nashville home on Thursday.

She had previously spoken up about her mental health difficulties, telling ABC News in 2017 that she had considered suicide. However, it is unclear whether her previous bout with depression contributed to her death.

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In the years following ‘Idol,’ Mandisa achieved success as a Gospel singer, winning a Grammy Award in 2014 for her album, “Overcomer.”

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In the hours after Mandisa died, Christian radio station K-Love recognized her tremendous talent and big heart.

David Pierce, the station’s Chief Media Officer, continued, “Her generosity was enormous, her smile electric, her voice massive, but it was no match for the immensity of her heart. Mandisa battled, and she was vulnerable enough to discuss it with us, which allowed us to talk about our own problems.”

He continued, “Mandisa’s struggles are over.” She is now with the God she sung about. While we are heartbroken, Mandisa has returned home. We are praying for Mandisa’s family and friends, and we want you to join us.

Mandisa was 47.