Never change, Jelly Roll! Never change! When asked what he does naked, the artist recently flubbed his way through an interview before concluding he’d had enough.

During a recent interview with KMLE Country Radio, Jelly Roll discussed his sleeping habits, but he ended up sticking his foot in his mouth. The interviewer, Gabe Mercer, asked him, “Fill in the blank, I like to (blank) in the nude.”

Jelly Roll was taken aback by the question and replied, “I love to…oh goodness.” Sleep? No, I sleep half naked.” The artist then attempted to clarify what he meant. The journalist questioned if he slept in his boxers “in case there is a fire,” but Jelly Roll responded he prefers the comfort since he enjoys putting his hand in his pants.

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He explained, “I always put my hands in my pockets, but when I sleep, it’s my trousers… it’s like a pocket. “The little thing that wraps around your wrist is comfortable.” The singer then attempted to clarify that he meant the elastic band, but realizing he was only digging himself deeper, Jelly Roll ended the interview. He replied, “No, that sounded horrible. Not a small thing…I’m done with the interview. I’ll sign off now. This went south. F***, this did not come off well.”

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That is why fans adore him. He’s instantly relatable to his fans. One person commented, “Oh my, Jelly!!!?” I adore the genuine smile and description of it! “He is so humble and optimistic!!!”

Another person added, “I love Jelly, he’s the best!! “I love how humble and kind he is; I bet I could kick it and laugh.” Yet another wrote, “

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How could anyone not love this man? He’s adorable, sincere, and nice. Excellent sense of humor; he can readily laugh at himself. Has an excellent voice as well. “What a guy!?”

The musician recently opened up about his weight reduction journey and the roots of his moniker. Jelly Roll has lost 70 pounds.

“I’m probably down 70-something pounds,” the artist stated. “I have been really kicking a—, man. I run two to three miles every day, four to six days a week. I’m spending 20-30 minutes in the sauna. Every day, take a six-minute frigid plunge. I’m eating healthily right now. I’m feeling great. I was thinking about shedding another 100, 100-and-something pounds. If I feel this wonderful down this weight, dude, I can only think what I’ll feel like when I go on tour.