If you use Frontier for your internet, you may have encountered some problems when attempting to contact customer service.

Frontier suffered a huge cyberattack on April 14th, forcing the business to lock down a large portion of its internal network in order to prevent intruders from getting access. As a result, clients were unable to get assistance with some concerns.

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This all stems from a file with the United States Securities Exchange Commission on Thursday, which was discovered by Bleeping Computer. According to the petition, Frontier stated: “On April 14, 2024, Frontier Communications Parent, Inc. [..] detected that a third party had gained unauthorized access to portions of its information technology environment.” It went on to say. “Based on the Company’s investigation, it has determined that the third party was likely a cybercrime group, which gained access to, among other information, personally identifiable information.”

In a statement addressed to cord cutters, News Frontier said:

This week, Frontier Communications discovered that a third party had acquired unauthorized access to our IT systems. We think the event has been controlled, and our residential and commercial networks have not been impacted by this issue. We have begun an investigation into this occurrence, alerted law enforcement, and submitted an 8-K report to the SEC. Certain containment efforts, such as proactively shutting down our internal IT networks, have limited our capacity to connect with customers. We have since restored those IT systems and are preparing to resume normal business operations.

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This attack comes just about a year after DISH experienced an attack that knocked its systems offline for the most of a month. There was no information yet on when the system would be fully operational again.