There has been a lot of discussion regarding the present status of hip-hop recently, especially with all of the viral rap fights going on online.

It has raised doubts about whether hip-hop has softened, since artists’ new go-to is social media rather than the streets. During a recent interview on Steve-O’s Wild Ride!, Birdman weighed in on the subject, stating if he believes things have changed since his rise to prominence in the 1990s. According to him, things have not improved in terms of violence. In fact, he believes things have worsened.

“F*ck no,” the Cash Money Records icon remarked of hip-hop’s softening. “We were cool back then without social media, but now these young n***as are killing—it’s a different operation. You only need to know how to adjust in either case. It’s a different time now than it was then.

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He went on to say that social media makes it easy to start arguments with others and how quickly things can spread. “Back then, there was no social media, so if you had an issue with a n***a, who would know? Because you aren’t writing songs about no n***a, but nowadays, with social media, you have a problem, and the entire world will know. It’s simply a different period, and I hope things improve, bro,” he remarked.

Birdman went on to say that he hopes the violence will end for good. “I don’t want to see people losing their lives, ’cause that’s happening,” he said. “Even n***as rapping do not rap. People are truly losing their lives because of social media.”