Slack has introduced a new generative AI tool that functions similarly to a morning newsletter for your communications.

On Thursday, the popular office messaging platform introduced a new “Recap” function that creates a daily recap of critical talks. Users can choose which channels they want to monitor, and Recap will produce daily summaries that can be accessible from the sidebar.

The recaps include mentions of specific people as well as links to the channel’s message locations.

As Slack VP of Product Jackie Rocca explained, it’s a means to remain on top of developments that don’t always require your immediate attention. “Maybe I don’t need that [conversation] to pull me out of my flow of work and I want to have this sort of daily digital newspaper to give me a summary of what’s happening in these conversations.”

Slack has also revealed increased access to other generative AI tools that were previously exclusively available to Slack Enterprise subscribers, the highest subscription tier. The summary tool (which utilizes artificial intelligence to summarize conversations you may have missed) and the internal search tool (which interprets natural language queries to identify relevant messages) are now available as add-ons for all paid Slack services.

Rocca declined to reveal which huge language model Slack AI use, but stated that the models are entirely hosted on their virtual cloud, thus data remains on Slack’s servers. It also trains its models without using any client data.

For an additional $10 per month, you can access these three Slack AI features for Pro, Business+, and Enterprise plans. Sorry, free Slack users; you’ll need to upgrade if you want AI to help you sort through your conversations.