Quentin Tarantino has an impressive filmography, but what was expected to be his final directorial effort may have been canceled.

Tarantino has been entertaining moviegoers for decades, and many were looking forward to what was thought to be his final film, The Movie Critic.

However, according to rumors, the director, who had planned to begin shooting the picture this year, has suddenly abandoned the project.

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Tarantino has previously discussed the film’s content and the familiar personalities who would have starred in it.

The director explained that it would have been about a real-life cinema journalist working for a ‘porno newspaper’ that he read as a child.

“He wrote about mainstream movies and he was the second-string critic,” he told me.

“I think he was an excellent critic. He was extremely cynical. His evaluations were a combination between early Howard Stern and Travis Bickle as a cinema critic.

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Brad Pitt was expected to star in the picture, which was set in 1977 Southern California and would be his third collaboration with the director following Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.

The reason for removing the film has not been revealed, although according to Deadline, Tarantino initially revised the script, which put production back.

He eventually changed his mind and decided not to proceed with the picture, and is claimed to be ‘going back to the drawing board to figure out what that final movie will be’.

While many fans expressed their dismay on social media, others were glad that Tarantino is taking his time releasing his final film.

“F***. It’s also wonderful that he’s not pushing something he doesn’t feel. “End on a high note,” one X user commented.

“I’m okay with that. I’m sure whatever Quentin Tarantino decides to do will be absolutely fantastic. “You can’t rush greatness,” another said.

“I was never excited about it, but I’m glad he might give us something else on Pulp Fiction levelđź‘€.” “I feel the same way about Martin Scorsese’s next two films, Jesus and Sinatra,” a critical admirer said.

“Good! “I’m glad he realized it wasn’t the magnum opus final he wanted to be remembered for and gracefully bowed out,” a fourth wrote.

The film is considered to be the director’s most recent canceled project, following the cancellation of an R-rated Star Trek film.