Kaylee Gain is making progress in her recovery, walking around less than two months after a horrific brawl left her in a coma, but she still has a long way to go, according to her parents.

Gain, whose head was repeatedly bashed into the ground by a fellow student in a now-infamous video, is luckily doing much better in mid-April, walking with little assistance and even saying small phrases, according to her parents’ latest GoFundMe post.

Kaylee’s family says she is still wearing a helmet because her bone flap, which is a portion of the skull removed to provide access during brain surgery, is still not whole. They claim it will be repaired in a future procedure.

Remember, video of the March 8 brawl surfaced online, showing perhaps a dozen people throwing hands on a sidewalk near Hazelwood High School in Missouri. Throughout the fight, Gain is flung to the ground and repeatedly slammed into the pavement like a rag doll.

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Paramedics took Kaylee to a St. Louis hospital, while police arrested the student who assaulted her on first-degree felony charges. A hearing to decide whether she would be tried as an adult is apparently set for May 10.

Kaylee’s family created a GoFundMe for their daughter in the aftermath of the fight, with the goal of raising roughly $120,000; they have subsequently donated more than $400,000. It sounds like she’s doing fine.