The live taping of a ‘New Heights’ episode at the University of Cincinnati last week came at a high cost for Jason Kelce, who claims he actually misplaced his Super Bowl ring during all the excitement.

On this week’s podcast, the former Philadelphia Eagles center stated that he believes the championship bling vanished during a chili tub scavenger hunt overseen by him and his younger brother, Travis.

According to Jason, as part of the game, competitors had to search through the slop in some inflatable pools to find a sock containing his authentic SB LII jewels.

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However, none of the contenders were able to come up with anything… and after hours of trying, his friends were also unable to find it.

“I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event,” he stated. “They could not find it.”

Jason, who explained that the game was designed to mock his habit of losing the ring and then finding it days later, believes that because everything was thrown away after the big event, the prized item is now in a landfill somewhere in the Cincinnati area.

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Travis, who owns three Super Bowl rings of his own, chastised his older brother for incorporating his jewels in the game, calling him “a f***ing imbecile.”

Jason, on the other hand, was not too upset about it; he stated that he has already filed an insurance claim for it and hopes to have a new one built shortly.