NBA YoungBoy, real name Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, 24, was arrested in Utah for various felonies and misdemeanors involving prescription fraud.

He is currently on house arrest in Huntsville, Utah, for federal gun charges stemming from Louisiana. He went to Utah to be closer to a boyhood mentor who has had a great impact on his life.

Gaulden is a suspect in a prescription fraud investigation conducted by the Cache County Sheriff’s Office. Gaulden’s accomplices allegedly obtained counterfeit prescriptions under false patient names and birthdates.

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An affidavit suggests 63 counts against Gaulden, including identity fraud, forgery, possession of a dangerous weapon by a prohibited person, and possession of a controlled narcotic.

A pharmacist in Hyrum contacted authorities about a doctor’s prescription that was called in, but the phone number did not match the one they had for that doctor’s office. A Cache County Sheriff’s Deputy conducted an investigation, which was outlined in a probable cause affidavit.

According to court documents, someone falsely represented themselves as a physician in order to obtain prescriptions. It reads:

“The prescription was called in by an individual claiming to be a physician in the Provo, Utah area, providing an actual, valid DEA number, NPI number and other identification for the real physician.”

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Multiple pharmacies in Cache County were accused of prescription fraud. Attempts to fill bogus prescriptions persisted even after law enforcement was warned. Gaulden or his friends allegedly contacted the sheriff’s office directly at the request of one of the pharmacies.

“During the investigation, I was contacted by Dispatch and informed of a “Gwendolyn Cox” needing to speak with me,” stated the CCSO investigator. “I contacted Gwendolyn at the phone number she gave Dispatch.” When I asked Gwendolyn how to spell her name, she offered me the last name “White”. “Gwendolyn” just provided me her birth month and date; she couldn’t tell me her age.”

The caller was unable to provide their address and used a false voice.

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NBA Youngboy was arrested for possessing a dangerous weapon, engaging in a pattern of illegal activity, identity fraud, forgery, attempting to obtain prescriptions, and possession of marijuana.

Here are some excerpts from the whole report.

“Gwendolyn” sounded like a much younger male from the southern states. Gwendolyn stated, “Well, I axed her, and she said she’d have you call me.” This comment came in response to a request that “Gwendolyn” contact Dispatch and have her call sent back through. “I have lived in the Southern United States, and the terminology of replacing “ask” with “axe” or other variations is consistent with the Southern dialect in states such as Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and other southern states.”

“Multiple arrests were made over the course of the investigation when Gaulden’s car was pulled over and identified as being allegedly involved in a bogus prescription pickup. The individuals were arrested, and marijuana, a firearm, and many prescription bottles were reportedly discovered inside. However, Gaulden wasn’t.

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“The reporting deputy was able to make contact with him later, via conference call, according to court records, at which time Gaulden said the people in his vehicle were his family and they had his permission to use it.”

“The conversation with Kentrell Gaulden continued for a duration of time, and Kentrell Gaulden made a statement determined to be an excited utterance,” the probable cause states, later noting that the investigator assumes Gaulden believed he was on mute at the time. “This statement was made without asking a related question: ‘Axe him about um…the prescription that they picked up.'”

“This utterance was made, with no questions asked regarding any prescriptions being picked up throughout the phone call,” according to the police report. “The utterance shows both knowledge by Kentrell Gaulden about the fraudulent prescription being attempted to get picked up.”

“Investigators got a search warrant for his residence, where they discovered further prescriptions and weapons. His personal devices were also taken, but Gaulden allegedly refused to reveal passcodes, urging the reporting deputy to “take it and break it.”