Warren G, renowned as Death Row royalty for his contributions to the West Coast rap movement with classics like “Regulate” and “This DJ.”

Becoming embroiled in a scandal after Death Row co-founder Suge Knight made claims on his podcast, Collect Call With Suge Knight. During the April 14th podcast episode, Knight claimed Warren G was beaten by his stepbrother, Dr. Dre.

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The podcast took an unexpected turn when Knight described an incident involving Warren G and Dre, implying that Warren was being thrashed as a sort of physical discipline by Dre for misusing his phone. Warren G quickly challenged Knight’s account, turning to Instagram to challenge his version of events. He reminded Knight that others were present during the incident and advised him to move on from the past.

In addition to denying Knight’s assertions, Warren G questioned Knight’s image as a tough character, claiming that he intervened to safeguard Death Row’s integrity during Knight’s clashes in the 1990s. Warren G’s remark exposed underlying tensions between him and Knight, demonstrating a divergence in their viewpoints on prior events.

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Suge Knight’s veracity has been called into question, considering his criminal record, which includes a 28-year prison sentence with no parole eligibility until 2034. Warren G, on the other hand, is prepping for the Cali To Canada tour, which begins June 3rd in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with Snoop Dogg and DJ Quik.

This incident emphasizes the complicated dynamics inside the rap scene, as well as the varied courses chosen by important personalities such as Warren G and Suge Knight following Death Row’s reign of dominance.