So far, 2024 has been a bad year for Tesla.

Electric vehicle sales are declining, prompting Elon Musk’s business to lay off 10% of its personnel on Monday. Tesla’s newest vehicle, the Cybertruck, is currently experiencing a serious issue, which appears to have prompted the company to cease manufacture, sales, and delivery.

While Tesla has yet to acknowledge the issue, some Tesla Cybertruck owners have complained on social media that they have encountered a serious safety issue in which the accelerator pedal becomes stuck when pressed down.

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Tesla consumers who ordered the Cybertruck reported on the internet that their deliveries had been halted due to either a recall or a “stop-sale.”

A well-known Elon Musk fan account on X, which typically publishes on Tesla news, also tweeted that the business had halted Cybertruck deliveries owing to the accelerator issue.

One Cybertruck owner posted a video on TikTok demonstrating what’s going on with the accelerator. It appears that a pedal cover is loose and slipping up the pedal. It can then apparently become jammed in an indentation on the Cybertruck’s floor. This problem occurs when the accelerator is pushed all the way down, causing the vehicle to run “full throttle,” as the Cybertruck owner in the video describes it. The man claims he was able to stop the vehicle by holding down the brake pedal, which overrides the acceleration pedal, but the Cybertruck would quickly accelerate if he let go of the brake.

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Tesla’s much-anticipated Cybertruck was first delivered to consumers who preordered it late last year. However, since its inception, Cybertruck has received numerous complaints from customers over a range of concerns.

According to Tom’s Guide, Cybertruck customers have complained about everything from poor construction quality to erratic braking and acceleration.


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“My truck has been in service longer than I’ve owned it,” remarked one Cybertruck owner on X, who has had various problems with his brand-new vehicle.

The previously cited Musk fan account stated that the delivery halt was for seven days, although it’s unclear when Tesla will resume Cybertruck deliveries. It’s also unclear what the corporation is doing about what looks to be a serious design defect in its accelerator pedal, which might have disastrous repercussions.