The late O.J. Simpson’s estate was not wealthy, and it is far from sufficient to pay off the obligation owing to the family of murder victim Ron Goldman.

For whom a civil jury ruled O.J. accountable for his death. Simpson’s executor does not claim to be poor, but he also claims that the estate is not wealthy.

Malcolm LaVergne, Simpson’s longtime attorney and the estate’s executor, was interviewed by TMZ. He spoke candidly about OJ’s financial situation at the time of his death. According to Malcolm, O.J. had fewer than five figures in one Nevada bank account and less than millions in total.

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In the end, O.J. was getting social security, a pension from his NFL career, and some residuals as a rising actor, all prior to the unsolved murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. Malcolm stated that all of this worked up to less than the claimed $400K per year. Simpson was not broke and claimed to have lived well since being released on a robbery sentence in Nevada.

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Malcolm also stated that signed items can be sold, saying, “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.” Some may argue that this is irrelevant to them, but a wealthy individual with a strong interest in O.J. may pay $50,000 for it.

Last Thursday, Malcolm hinted that the Goldman family would not receive a dime. He has recently modified his stance, stating that he is willing to meet with Ron’s father, Fred Goldman, and pay what the law asks.

The Goldman and Brown families won their $33 million wrongful death claim against O.J. in 1997, after Simpson won his criminal murder trial. Now consider this: with interest, that figure is now much beyond $100 million. Goldman has been fighting for 30 years to collect what Simpson is legally owed. We’ll see what happens here, as the O.J. Simpson case continues long after he died.