Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence could team up again in a next film.

Following the success and accolades of Killers of the Flower Moon, Martin Scorsese is looking forward to his next projects.

If you’ve seen his films, you’ll notice that DiCaprio appears frequently, and his future production will star Leo alongside Lawrence.

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The couple last appeared together in the humorous catastrophe film Don’t Look Up, and they appeared to have excellent chemistry.

According to Variety, Scorsese hopes this chemistry continues as the couple is poised to portray husband and wife in a Frank Sinatra movie.

DiCaprio will portray the ‘Sultan of Swoon’, with Lawrence playing his second wife, actress Ava Gardner.

Details are limited because no official statements have been made, and it is believed Tina Sinatra, who manages her father’s estate, has not yet granted her approval.

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According to sources, both Apple and Sony are interested in the project, with early indications suggesting Sony may be the frontrunner to land the film.

While Scorsese has a large body of work, the iconic director has already stated that he is running out of time to tell the stories he wants.

In May of last year, he spoke with Deadline about his future.

When asked if he still had ‘that passion to jump right back behind the camera and get the next one going’ at the age of 80, the filmmaker responded yes.

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“I wish I could take an eight-week sabbatical and simultaneously make a film. The entire world has opened up for me, but it’s too late. It is too late.

“When Kurosawa received his Oscar from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, he said, ‘I’m only now beginning to see the possibility of what cinema can be, and it’s too late.'”

“He was 83.” ‘What does he mean?’ I asked at the time. “Now I understand what he means.”

All things considered, cinema lovers can only hope that Scorsese fulfills his dream of releasing another excellent biography.