Ryan Garcia has recently exhibited unusual behavior on social media. Overall, fans are deeply concerned about his behavior.

There were times when it appeared he might even die. Meanwhile, he has had disagreements with Diddy, Kanye West, and a number of other people. Although some people believe it is a promotion for his forthcoming bout, others are really concerned. He will not stop tweeting, and his tweets are not innocent. He occasionally makes serious allegations against people.

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For example, Garcia recently resorted to Twitter to try to expose Bobbi Althoff, with whom he had conducted an interview. As shown below, Garcia alleged Althoff had sex with Drake, which resulted in her divorce. Overall, this is a long-standing rumor. People have assumed she and Drake slept together ever since her bedroom interview. She has disputed this, but Garcia couldn’t help but claim otherwise.

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Furthermore, Garcia came out and claimed that he kissed Althoff. He even leaked texts from her, although benign ones in which she seeks to set up an interview. Needless to say, Garcia is all about the drama right now. However, it appears that this is due to his lack of mental clarity. Whatever the situation may be, Garcia is stirring debate online, and this has piqued people’s interest in his next match, which will place on Saturday, April 20.