Clint Eastwood made a rare public appearance last month to promote his friend Jane Goodall.

According to a recent LinkedIn post, the 93-year-old actor was pictured seated next to the renowned conservationist at an event in Carmel, California.

“I went to see Jane Goodall talk in Carmel. Fred Greenstein, who attended the ceremony, commented, “She is truly a saint at 90 years old.”

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“She shared her experiences living with apes as well as her commitment to environmental conservation. Clint Eastwood is talking to Jane here, and he looks quite untidy.”

The “Gran Torino” star appeared to be in good spirits as he wore black pants, a green-and-orange plaid button-up, and a two-toned light-weight jacket.

Eastwood’s hair and beard appeared little longer than usual.

Goodall, for her part, wore black leggings and a turtleneck under a bright feather-patterned blanket.

The Daily Mail has received video evidence of the “Mule” star attending the event, sitting in the front row before appearing to join the anthropologist onstage.

Despite his age, Eastwood did not require a cane as he walked up the stairs with his helper, according to the site.

The iconic actor hasn’t been seen in years, although he was last photographed on the set of his film “Juror No. 2” in Savannah, Georgia.

The picture, starring Nicholas Hoult and Toni Collette, began filming in June 2023, and Eastwood was photographed smiling while behind the camera five months later.

The thriller is believed to be Eastwood’s final Hollywood movie.

After moving away from the public spotlight, the Oscar winner has spent the majority of his spare time with his family as his decades-long career comes to an end.

Eastwood is the father of eight children by six different women, and he also looks after several grandchildren.