The conflict between The Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac had a variety of moving components including other Hip-Hop artists, some of which are still being revealed to this day.

The latest revelation concerning the two late icons’ historic battle comes from rapper Busta Rhymes, who reportedly recounted being present during the development of one of Biggie’s supposed rap verses directed at 2Pac.

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During an appearance on All the Smoke, the Brooklyn native described an incident in which he attempted to have Biggie, Method Man, Nas, and himself on the same track, but Biggie missed the first two studio sessions due to a broken elevator. Method Man and Nas, who attended the initial two studio sessions, did not return to record their parts of the record, which was ultimately unsuccessful.

“I made it to Soundtracks on the third day. “Elevators are fine,” Busta recalls. “Big and [Little] Cease arrive. They pull up. Meth and Nas have arrived two days in a row now. That is not a big deal. So they weren’t arriving on the third day. The Flipmode Squad general then recounted Biggie’s famed creative process, stating that the rapper was known for developing his rhymes in his head rather than writing them on paper.

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Treach recalls brawling alongside 2pac against the Rolling 60s Crip Gang.
“We in the motherf**kin’ stu[dio] at the time, Branson is selling the most incredible bud in the hood and he would sell them in these jars that look like motherf**kin’ pickle jars… mason jars,” he said. “Cease would roll the blunts, and Biggie would arrive with the Branson jars. He’s rolling cannabis. Blunt after blunt after blunt, with Biggie simply sitting on one of the studio chairs.

Busta continued, “One hour, two hours, he’s just smoking. He’s not writing anything. About three hours in, I’m like, ‘My ni**a, you ain’t going to perform this verse?’ That ni**a said, ‘I’m ready, Buss.'” According to Busta, after Biggie recorded his verse, he instantly discovered that the lyrics contained subliminal disses directed at 2Pac, which he delivered for the All the Smoke cohosts.

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“Diamonds on my neck, chrome drop-top.” Chillin’ on the scene, smoking pounds of green/ Oooh-wee, you see, the ugliest. Money-hungry, Brooklyn Loch Ness/9 millimeter cock test, wan fi’ test? And the winner isn’t that slender youngster. Bandanas, tattoos, my skin never bruises. “Land still cruise, Frank White…,” the 51-year-old rapped, delivering the verse.

However, due to his connection with 2Pac, Busta Rhymes first decided not to release the verse commercially in order to avoid increasing tensions between the two artists. “I love these ni**as, man. I’m assigned to serve as the mediator. I cannot add fuel to the flames. “I ain’t putting it out.”

What about the verses by Nas and Method Man? Busta claims he never received them because they were waiting to record theirs after hearing what Biggie intended to say in his own verse. “I’m not sure if anyone wrote their rhyme, or even a portion of it. “But nobody laid their sh*t because motherf**kas wanted to see what Biggie was going to do,” Busta recalls.

The Notorious B.I.G. recorded a verse during the aforementioned studio session, which was ultimately released on his debut posthumous album Born Again in 1999. The supposed Pac diss was featured in the song “Dangerous MC’s,” which features Mark Curry, Snoop Dogg, and Busta Rhymes.

View Busta Rhymes’ All the Smoke interview below.