Despite the passage of time, Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber remain pals. At Coachella, Jaden embraced Justin tightly and received a kiss in return.

On Saturday, amid the first hectic weekend of the music festival, the two superstars reunited… and JS chose to surprise his best brother by embracing him from behind.

Take a look at the video… Looking back, Bieber sees that Jaden is the one who decides to get up and go for a genuine embrace from JB in the VIP section of the festival, and his face lights up with joy.

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It’s a touching moment between the two ex-child stars as Justin kisses Jaden on the cheek before he breaks up with his longtime pal.

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Keep in mind that Jaden and Justin’s friendship started in 2010 when they worked together on the song “Never Say Never” for Jaden’s popular “Karate Kid” cover.

Despite being five years apart in age, the two hit it off and have remained inseparable ever since. Over the last decade, they’ve performed together multiple times and generally been friends.

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By the way, neither Jaden nor Justin performed on Saturday, which is not surprising considering how much they love the music event. It appears to be an annual outing for each of them since they were both there last year as well.

So happy to see that these two are still very much in love and so close after all these years.