A Georgia man has been sentenced to 50 years in jail for attempting to poison his newborn infant with antifreeze in an effort to avoid paying child support.

Curtis Jack’s horrific deed was revealed when he admitted to purposefully putting antifreeze in his newborn baby’s bottle in 2020, according to NBC News.

Curtis Jack had previously worked for Delta Air Lines and accidently made a coworker pregnant. The newborn’s mother told authorities that Curtis, pictured, had tried to convince her to terminate the pregnancy throughout the whole gestation.

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The terrifying occurrence occurred on September 24, 2020, when Jack’s coworker and his child’s mother gave birth to their daughter. While still in the hospital, the mother gave Jack bottles of breastmilk for their infant. Instead of delivering sustenance, Jack intentionally contaminated the breastmilk with antifreeze.

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After Jack delivered the contaminated breastmilk to the child’s grandmother, the innocent newborn became unwell and began vomiting within a day. Concerned about the baby’s deteriorating condition, the family hurried her to the hospital, where medical tests discovered the presence of ethylene glycol, a dangerous substance found in vehicle antifreeze.

Fortunately, the youngster survived the poisoning attempt and is now a healthy 3-year-old, according to People.com. However, the tragic experience left physical and emotional scars on both the youngster and her family.

He was captured by authorities on October 16, 2020, and admitted to his heinous deed during interrogation, saying that he had injected antifreeze to the breastmilk in an attempt to avoid his financial commitments to his child.

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Ethylene glycol is an extremely dangerous chemical, and even little amounts can be lethal if consumed, according to poisonhelp.org. In a heartless attempt to avoid his parental responsibilities, Jack put his newborn daughter’s life in peril by intentionally exposing her to such a fatal poison.

During the trial, the child’s mother, grandmother, law enforcement officers, and medical professionals all provided scathing testimony about Jack’s acts and the tragic results. Furthermore, the prosecution revealed how easily Jack poisoned the breastmilk, emphasizing the intentional character of the murder.

Jack was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to 50 years in jail, 40 of which must be served behind bars.

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