All of OJ Simpson’s children, including his two with his wife Nicole, were by his side in his final days, and his loved ones and medical personnel were required to sign NDAs, according to a source.

Friends and family who wanted to say farewell to the former NFL star on his deathbed were required to sign non-disclosure agreements for “privacy” concerns, according to TMZ, citing a source.

Simpson, 76, who was acquitted in a 1995 murder trial, died Wednesday at his Las Vegas home from prostate cancer.

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According to the outlet’s source, everybody who was around Simpson while he was in hospice care, including medical professionals, was had to sign an NDA.

The source told the newspaper that 30 to 50 of the former Hollywood actor’s friends and family members signed an NDA before seeing him.

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Despite his troublesome history of being accused of Nicole’s horrible death, Simpson’s children with her, Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Simpson, were apparently present.

Jason and Arnelle Simpson, his older children with Marguerite Whitley, were reportedly by his side when he died.

Aaren Lashone Simpson, his sixth child, perished when she was two years old in 1979.

No phones were apparently permitted in the room with him as they said their goodbyes.