Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp claims that the rapper appears in Diddy’s alleged surreptitiously filmed “freak-off” sessions.

Kemp, who has a child with Rozay, slammed the rapper’s parenting skills on Instagram before claiming he took part in Puffy’s purported sex parties.

“Do not be terrified now! No Diddy. You’re terrified now, huh? I recognize you on those tapes. Freaky bitch. I know you are. Ten children have muthafucka. I am not going to let go of you… “What are you quiet for?” She teased.

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“No one wants to see your Louis Vuitton clothing and sneakers, bitch. Nobody cares about seeing the jets any more. You’re running out of hoes now. Go over there and hug Diddy. “Go ride the bike with him, you fat bitch.”

Ross has yet to reply to Kemp’s claims that he appears in claimed recordings recorded at Diddy’s mansion. There is no actual proof that such cassettes exist.

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It’s one of Tia Kemp’s numerous recent rants against her ex-partner.

She recently alleged that Rick Ross is harboring a child who resembles Drake and that she is tired of being featured in the rapper’s songs.

“You oughta rap about your muthafuckin’ children you around here hiding,” she went on to say. “I want to see my stepson that look like Drake.”

“You been doing that shit since our baby was five,” she went on to say. “For 20 fucking years you played games […] Rap at me on another song, I’m coming to that fucking gate with them double R’s on.”

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Joe Budden is ‘angry’ at Rick Ross for unfollowing Drake on Instagram. ‘That hurt my soul.’

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Ross had already issued a cease and desist injunction against Kemp, directing her to stop spreading “false and defamatory” claims against him and his family.

The former model was not pleased with the move: “Sent me a cease and desist. I’m not lying. This is the truth. How will you sue me for defamation? Sue 50 Cent, then. “Don’t fight with me.”

“I told you I wasn’t a rapper years ago; now you want to shut me up. You’re not going to shut up, DJ Envy. You won’t stop DJ Envy from putting on that CO outfit. “Motherfucker, you are a real CO.”