Nate Robinson provided a health report two years after publicly disclosing his kidney failure diagnosis.

In an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mail, the 39-year-old former New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets star said he may not have long to live if he does not obtain a kidney transplant. “I know I won’t have long if I don’t get a kidney,” Robinson added. “I know I won’t have long to live. So I’m just trying to make the best of it.”

In a statement released in 2022, Robinson stated that he was receiving treatment for renal kidney failure, which he had been dealing with for four years. He has complained of painful vomiting as a side effect of his treatment. He has also had to adhere to an extremely tight diet.

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“Some people’s bodies resist dialysis. And thank God that mine accepts it and allows me to live… if I didn’t go to dialysis, I wouldn’t last more than a week or two. So it’s serious; we can’t skip a day. I work three days a week, four hours per day. And they cleanse my blood to remove poisons. And they help me a lot because this is how I live.”

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He described it as a “rollercoaster” and admitted to relying on a dialysis machine, but he is trying to be cheerful. “I’m just appreciating the periods when I feel healthy. I try to spend time with my children, see my family, and play basketball, all of which I enjoy,” he said. “I still try to do all the things that I can to stay and feel normal as I can, stay as human as I can.”

Robinson stated that he does not take each day for granted and considers “every day… a blessing.”

When he revealed his illness in 2022, he told Playmaker that he discovered in 2006 that his excessive blood pressure had damaged his kidneys. “They used to tell me that we’d have to monitor my blood pressure, and if it was too high, I couldn’t play the game. “I used to tell them, ‘Don’t check my blood pressure because I’m playing regardless of what you say,'” Robinson explained. “I believed I was young and invincible. I didn’t realize it would catch up to me.”