Many people love Jennifer Lopez. The Latin pop sensation has spent decades in the music industry, and she has frequently dabbled in movies and television.

Though many people support Lopez, a recent popular TikTok video showed some negative emotions toward the singer. It came from a previous choreographer who collaborated with her in 2019. In his video, he recounted some of his terrible experiences with Lopez, drawing a scathing picture in the process.

The narrative is based on J-Lo’s performance in a tribute to Motown music at the 2019 Grammy Awards. She collaborated with choreographer Dexter Carr, who discussed the experience in a recent TikTok. In the video, he attacks Lopez for working with only three black dancers. Even more damaging is her claimed nasty remark about Carr’s hair. Fans mainly agree with Carr in the comments section, criticizing J-Lo’s decades in the spotlight. Check out the complete video and fan reactions below.

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Jennifer Lopez became the latest celebrity to be involved in Diddy’s ongoing legal battle earlier this month. According to reports, the FBI was investigating allegations that the rap mogul had her carry his gun on the night of the Shyne Nightclub incident. The charges occurred just a few weeks after J-Lo received even more awful news.

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Last month, Lopez canceled numerous tour dates. While the reason was never officially confirmed, rumors circulated that it could be owing to low ticket sales. Seven additional gigs scheduled for late August have apparently been canceled and removed off the tour calendar.