50 Cent has responded to Meek Mill’s complaints about allegations regarding his sexuality and Diddy’s alleged influence on his 12-year-old son.

The Philadelphia-based rapper utilized the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) on Monday, April 8th, to disclose that his offspring has been repeatedly questioned about his father’s sexual orientation.

“I don’t believe any story from Diddy anymore, especially since they lied about me in the past!” he wrote. “If anyone attempts to sexually assault me, I will respond immediately and forcefully. It is surprising that some people are unaware of this fact.”

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“I am indifferent, but you are causing confusion for my 12-year-old son by suggesting that his father is homosexual. It is disturbing and inappropriate. Therefore, I have decided to disregard the matter.”

50 Cent saw Meek’s tweet and endeavored to rectify the Dream Chasers leader, alerting him to the fact that he should be concerned about Diddy’s house security footage.

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“Damn it.” People do not believe that you are homosexual, @meekmillnews. They believe that you are involved in the recorded videos, referring to the surveillance footage confiscated during the recent federal raids on Puffy’s residences. The individual was recording video footage of every area, including the bathrooms.

In his sexual assault complaint against Diddy, producer Lil Rod alleges that the Bad Boy CEO possesses recordings of “numerous celebrities, artists, music label executives, and athletes participating in unlawful activities.”

In February, allegations emerged that Diddy and Meek Mill were involved in a sexual relationship, after accusations of sexual harassment made by Lil Rod against the former.

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Meek promptly refuted the allegations, stating: “As a resident of Philadelphia, I do not engage in the consumption of cocaine or the indulgence in illicit substances like molly.” No one is willing to provide me cocaine because of my excessive weight.

“No individual or unit would ever approach me regarding homosexual behavior, and the entire establishment remains unaffected…” Upon awakening, I noticed that this information was being widely circulated on several blogs, as if they were aware of my imminent arrival! Laughing out loud.

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He stated, “That is the reason why I consistently associate myself with my genuine companions among these individuals in the industry.” I always ensure that I am never alone with anyone from the industry.

“I am unable to have a conversation without my friends interrupting, and this has been a consistent occurrence.” I eagerly await the moment when all of you discover that I am the most exceptional and talented individual in this particular domain. It amuses me to think about it. LOL.

He stated, “There are two common accusations made against us: either that we are informants or that we are homosexual.” We are making hundreds of millions of dollars from music. It is not a coincidence that we are all homosexual and informants.

“They are supplying energy to this material, even though it is not genuine!” The objective is to disturb or interrupt the Hip Hop community. I possess this music that will be released tomorrow. Please play it!

In a recent post, Meek Mill reiterated his stance that he is not involved in the “promiscuous or drug-related aspects of the entertainment industry.”

“I demand that all the evidence be revealed regarding how someone attempted to harm another person and then tried to shift blame by mentioning that someone from Philadelphia did the same. This is unacceptable,” he expressed.

“I am not involved in the unconventional or illicit aspects of the industry…” I am not an uncivilized person. How did I become part of this conversation?