Since cookies are no longer an option for targeting, full-time cognitive psychologists at AnalyticsIQ’s research department have been figuring out how to maximize performance with every targeted ad.

According to Travis Meeks, vice president of marketing at AnalyticsIQ, a third-party distributor of marketing analytics, “we try to solve for unique and unknown consumer behavior and characteristics with help from a panel of consumers — about 4 million — by deploying surveys on a monthly basis.”

Solutions are developed by the company’s product and technical team based on input from the panel of consumers and psychologists.

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The latest current will enable marketers to maximize campaign performance through customer behavior analysis; the company aims to unveil ChannelIQ on Wednesday.

These media outlets include podcasts, social media, TV viewing, and more.

Additionally, the system offers information on content preferences, activity level, degree of influence, and response by channel.

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The established research can serve as a basis for the expertise of cognitive psychologists, who specialize in the study of human cognition. They can design the questionnaires so that the real answers from the respondents are obtained.

He stated, “We were attempting to address sleep quality.” “I would have posed a perception-based question to the survey respondents: do you get good sleep?”

In addition to the perception question, the psychologists also ask the participants about their reality, including how much sleep they receive each night, whether they watch TV to fall asleep, and how energetic they are the following day.

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The data is compiled by the psychologists after the surveys. Predictive models are fed responses that correspond to the actuality of the questions and are based on perception. A 7-point Likert scale is used for it.

According to Meeks, data science then extrapolates and forecasts it for the American populace.

According to him, “it results in a more stable and reliable input into the predictive models.”

Even while the company currently has over 100 data points, it is still just halfway to its goal. From the time a survey is conducted to its implementation, it may take six to eight months. Quarterly updates to the company’s statistics are made available.

The next item on the product roadmap is attention metrics. The amount of focus individuals place on their TVs will be examined by the corporation.

the openness to the advertisements. Every quarter, AnalyticsIQ adds 25–50 new data points to the customer database.

“Q3 is the next launch data for new data points and audiences,” he stated. “We will continue to evolve.”