Frankie Valli’s son is accusing his other son of breaking into their father’s home and threatening to hurt both of them, and he is now seeking court protection for both of them as well as his renowned father.

Emilio, the singer’s 29-year-old son, recently filed for a temporary restraining order in Los Angeles against his 36-year-old brother Francesco, saying his older sibling attempted to break into Frankie’s residence last week before allegedly hurling threats at them.

According to the documents acquired by TMZ, Emilio claims he and Frankie have been having this issue with Francesco for months, noting that their father offers financial support for his son… despite the fact that Emilio accuses his brother of drug misuse and believes he has been desperate recently.

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Emilio alleges Frankie recently cut off Francesco, which led to him reportedly attempting to break into the house on April 5 — during which Emilio claims Francesco threatened to injure and murder both Emilio and Frankie, making their father frightened for his life.

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Emilio goes on to say in the documentary that he suspects Francesco is pawning off their father’s belongings in order to obtain opiates, which could explain why he showed up at the residence.

In the petition, he goes on to claim that there is an alleged pattern of behavior by Francesco that is becoming increasingly irregular… and that they need a judge to intervene and award them a forcefield… which Emilio hopes would keep Francesco away from them and the property.

We reached out to Frankie for comment, but have yet to hear back. The judge has yet to rule.