A man who said he had made a car that could run on water died after yelling some very scary words.

Stan Meyer, an inventor, said he had made an engine that could run on water alone.

It was said to be powerful enough to run a buggy and not give off any pollution.

So, just how did this work?

Meyer told people that he had made a fuel cell that worked by breaking water atoms into their individual parts.

Hydrogen and oxygen are what make up H20. Hydrogen can be used as a source.

It was claimed by the creator that the engine could separate these and burn the hydrogen to make energy, leaving behind only oxygen and some water residues.

It sounds almost too good to be true that claim.

With hundreds of billions of dollars just going into oil production, the world oil market is huge.

With all of that in mind, it’s safe to say that some people might not be excited about the idea of an engine that could greatly lower the need for oil.

So Meyer’s last words were a little scary, and when he died in 1998, they got a lot of attention in the news.

His brother said that the creator was out to lunch when all of a sudden he grabbed his throat and screamed, “They poisoned me!”

Meyer’s death was looked into, and a lab report said that “no poison known to American science” was to blame.

The doctor and the court both agreed that Meyer had died of “natural causes,” which meant that he had died from an aneurysm.

In 1996, two years before Meyer’s death, an Ohio court said that his claims that he had invented a new and useful device were not true.

Meyer was also told to repay investors the money they had given him at the time.

There is also a problem with the way that water is broken down into oxygen and hydrogen.

Since water molecules are very solid, it takes more energy to break them down into their parts than you get back.

This is a pretty big problem if you want to use something as a power source.

Hydrogen can, of course, be used to make electricity, and many projects are looking into it as an option to gasoline and diesel.