Without a doubt, fans of North Cackalack rap sensation DaBaby have witnessed some of the most outlandish interactions with his supporters, whether he knocks them out cold or gives them a million dollar necklace.

This past weekend, DaBaby posted a video of a woman who snapped pictures with him at the gas station like any other fan, but then nonchalantly grabbed him before walking away.

Yesterday (April 7), the “Rockstar” rapper uploaded a video to Instagram with the comment, “Just got tried at the gas station.” The mobile phone footage shows a woman approaching his car and asking for a picture, but then saying she wants to “fuckin’ fuck you,” while sitting in his lap and groping his crotch.

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He closed the video by saying, “She sexually assaulted me.”

Despite his response, DaBaby didn’t appear outraged by her actions, even labeling his article “Anything For You Auntie”.