Rod Wave is a great artist, but the “Street Runner” artist’s legal problems prevent him from attaining his full potential.

In May 2022, he was able to have felony violence charges reduced after reports surfaced that he choked his then-girlfriend while there were children present. Since then, Wave has mainly stayed out of trouble, but according to blogs, he was arrested today (April 3) after firearms and/or ammunition were discovered on his person. The singer is prohibited from possessing firearms since he is a felon, though it is unclear what punishment he will face for his alleged misdeeds.

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Wave appears sad in a recently circulated mugshot. Fans online are asking countless questions about what this predicament means for their favorite musician. “What’s the purpose of having bodyguards if you’re going to carry? “SMH,” one user said beneath @theneighborhoodtalk’s post. “He’s gonna be crying for an entire album about this s**t,” another person speculated, hoping that the 25-year-old’s misery may at least inspire new music.

Wave’s last full-length album was released in September 2023, rewinding the clock on Nostalgia. The 18-track album sees the Southern musician largely working alone, but he did collaborate with Wet for the title track, 21 Savage on “Turks & Caicos,” and Sadie Jean on the last song, “2018.” Wave had already intimated that he would no longer make melancholy songs, but now that his life has been turned upside down, we’re anxious to see if he will keep his vow.