Apple is apparently looking into the development of ‘home robots’ as its next big venture.

According to Business Insider, electronics giant Apple is moving its focus to a new area of development.

The move follows a challenging period for Apple, which saw the corporation abandon its plans to construct a self-driving car, which it had been working on for years.

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Apple has also been faced with an antitrust case by the Department of Justice.

The DOJ lawsuit alleges that the corporation implemented methods to limit user functioning outside of its platforms, thereby pushing customers to acquire Apple devices.

That’s not all; the corporation has also seen a decline in iPhone sales in China, as well as a $1.8 billion punishment from the EU for violating music streaming regulations.

The company is now trying to take a fresh approach and experiment with new concepts.

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This has included moving its focus to AI development as competitors like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI advance in the sector.

Another possibility is to look into robotics, which it reportedly began studying in 2019.

Doug Field, who is now an executive at Ford, oversaw the initiative, which looked into items like quiet drones that might be deployed indoors.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s robots business shifted its focus to domestic products after Field left the company in 2021.

To be sure, this is still at a mostly theoretical stage of development, and it is unclear whether any domestic Apple gadgets will make it to consumer markets.

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Nonetheless, there are indications that the company is shifting towards this.

According to sources, the proposed self-driving car’s operating system, SafetyOS, might be reused for robotics.

Bloomberg also stated that at least one engineer who previously worked on the failed car project has been transferred to the robots group.

Home robotics are not a new area of development.

Consider the Roomba, an automated vacuum cleaner.

It’s unclear how Apple’s home robots developments will come out. Bloomberg reported that one concept involves a’mobile robot’ that follows users about their houses.

Another rumour suggests an advanced tabletop device that can move a display using robotics.

Whatever it is, Apple has been driven by the chase of the ‘next great thing’ since the introduction of the iPhone, though duplicating the iPhone’s success and influence will be no easy task.