According to reports, Apple’s latest iOS release will include a feature that Android users have had for many years.

Gen Z Android users may claim to be constantly criticized for not owning an iPhone, but they could be laughing today because Apple’s next software update is purportedly following in the competitor’s footsteps.

Who really cares if you have an Android or an Apple?

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But if you’re sitting here with an iPhone in your hand and want to know what some Android users will taunt you about when you get the latest iOS update, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman first reported the story on March 25 in his newsletter Power On.

Gurman stated that Apple’s iOS 18 release will enable phones to have a’more configurable’ Home Screen page.

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But what does this really mean?

Currently, you can only personalize your Home Screen by dragging and dropping apps in an invisible grid pattern.

Oh, and if you really want to step outside the box – or grid, as the case may be – add a few larger widgets here and there.

However, if you try to place one app with a gap between them or on a different row entirely, the app will instantly ping back to the next available slot in the row and lock itself firmly back into the invisible grid.

Granted, you can go to the store and download specific apps that allow you to customize your phone and override some of Apple’s presets; however, Android users do not have to faff around with this extra app, and with the iOS 18 update, Apple users may not have to for much longer.

According to MacRumors, the customization possibilities will expand with the upcoming version, allowing you to move your apps around and put them with space between them or even in a row if you want to go all out.

Other speculated iOS 18 improvements include Siri’s new AI functionality, as well as upgrades to Apple Maps and texting.

Apple is expected to announce the next iOS in June later this year at The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), an annual information technology conference hosted by Apple Inc.