The developer believes that the Final Destination franchise could have started significantly darker.

If you remember Final Destination and its many sequels, you wouldn’t call them ‘feel good movie’.

In truth, they were a rather ghastly experience, but also incredibly fascinating and engaging.

Essentially, the films in the franchise would all have the same plot: a gang of youngsters manage to escape a catastrophic tragedy that kills several people.

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They would escape by the skin of their teeth, as one of the group’s members would have a vision of the impending disaster and push their friends to flee, thereby saving them.

Over the next few weeks and months, individuals who evaded death would die in unusual and complex ways, as if the grim reaper was making amends for missing those fortunate teenagers.

The first film, Final Destination, was produced in 2000 and largely adhered to this premise, with a particularly nasty climax.

It was warmly received by horror film aficionados, who couldn’t take their eyes off of it in the same manner that you would when there is a horrifying car wreck on the side of the road.

However, Jeffrey Reddick, the franchise’s creator, stated that the first film would be even worse.

He stated in his initial script that death was more of a notion than a force that exists in the cosmos.

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He told the Daily Star, “The original treatment that I sold to New Line, we had a hard time selling it, because they were like, ‘We don’t understand how death can be a killer.'”

“Finally, when they bought it, they made us put an angel of death in there to give it a personality. But I was heavily influenced by Nightmare on Elm Street when I wrote the script, so death couldn’t simply murder the people because it went wrong the first time around.

While the horror films provided a terrible experience, they also captivated and amused audiences.

“It basically played on their survivor’s guilt or a secret they had, and they would find themselves living in a fantasy-horror world, which death would exploit to urge them to commit suicide. “That was extremely dark.”

That’s quite dark.

The Final Destination franchise is slated to return in 2025, following a long gap since the last film was released in 2011.

Only time will tell if people are as morbidly fascinated about the various ways ‘Death’ would retaliate against those he missed the first time around.