Another week has passed, and Elon Musk’s newest Tesla automobile has made headlines again.

Since the current edition of the company’s Cybertruck was unveiled last year, it has rarely left the news.

In recent months, we’ve seen a man share his fairly expensive receipt for a Cybertruck, and others have had a lot to say after the expensive vehicle was towed after becoming stuck on a little slope.

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Now, Cybertruck owners are angry about apparent violated promises when Tesla began sending the first batch of tent attachments for their future cars.

The fairly expensive basecamp tent promises a ‘ultra-soft mattress’ and a ‘improved camping experience’, but many owners believe it falls short.

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The tent’s advertisements promised that it would securely attach to the back of the Cybertruck, and a following promotional video showed two parents and a child fitting fairly comfortably in the new tent.

And, with a price tag of over $3,000, Tesla drivers considering purchasing the tent will undoubtedly want to get good value for their money.

The new owners of the tent have uploaded videos and photos of what looks to be a tarp extension on the truck.

However, many have said that it was no different from a standard tent and could only accommodate a maximum of two people.

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Many owners have now rushed to X, previously known as Twitter, to share their concerns.

“Nothing about the 2019 CyberTruck reveal is meeting expectations,” one user wrote on Elon Musk’s forum.

They went on to say, “The reality is that this is a monumental failure.” This is terrible since it could have been revolutionary.

The new tent is also not easy to set up; owners must visit a Tesla Service Center to have an expert connect tent brackets to the vehicle’s side rails.

Furthermore, the hand pump necessary to inflate the tent takes far longer than many people expected.

A feature known as ‘Tent Mode’ is also intended to be a significant draw of the basecamp tent.

Essentially, this is designed to make the Cybertruck straighten out so that the person using the tent does not feel like they are sliding out if the automobile is parked on an incline.

However, one Tesla car owner shared their experience with the tent on the Cybertruck Owners Club.

And this owner was not pleased, labeling the ‘Tent Mode’ as’missing in action’.