Diddy’s problems are only getting worse.

Every day, there’s a new story, a different take on a previous headline, or new people speaking out against him. However, of all the recent unfolding events, the home raids may have captured the most people’s attention. Homeland Security Investigation teams ransacked Diddy’s mansions in Los Angeles and Miami, leaving many wondering how he was not retained during the raids. However, it appears that it will need a growing number of witnesses to bring the mogul to trial. Gene Deal, Diddy’s former bodyguard, is among those eager to testify.

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Deal aired his thoughts on everything surrounding the musician and businessman during an interview with The Art Of Dialogue. People have contacted Gene in a variety of ways, alleging that he is attempting to deliberately smear Diddy’s reputation. However, he believes he has enough evidence to make a persuasive case. “I get a lot of hate mail, Instagram posts, and comments about how I’m attempting to bring down a Black man. No, I went through every process you’re supposed to take when you have a problem with a man,” Gene said.

“By him doing the things he did, and taking the avenue he took, he’s suffering the consequences, and I don’t feel bad at all.” Gene also believes that when The LOX, DMX, and Lil’ Kim released “Money, Power & Respect,” Diddy misinterpreted the song’s message. “You earned respect on the street, which gave you power and money… Do I care what happens? We believe he has enough money to buy his way out of it. He even feels that the rapper may commit himself in prison since he is a “narcissist.”