A new Jake Gyllenhaal picture is eliciting conflicting reactions and strong opposition from viewers following assertions that it is the ‘greatest film of 2024’.

Jake Gyllenhaal has a long list of fantastic films under his belt, including Source Code, Donnie Darko, Nightcrawler, and Brothers. He always delivers excellent performances in the projects he takes on.

However, his latest 2024 film has received high appreciation from some viewers while eliciting ire and frustration from others.

The film is a remake of Patrick Swayze’s 1989 film of the same title.

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We’re of course talking about Roadhouse.

The 2024 film synopsis states that ex-UFC fighter Dalton, played by Gyllenhaal, takes a job as a bouncer at a Florida Keys roadhouse, only to have his life turned upside down.

The film also features former MMA fighter Conor McGregor as the primary antagonist.

While the video was released on Amazon Prime earlier this month, Netflix fans took to the Netflix Bangers Facebook page to celebrate it.

One user simply described it as the ‘Best Movie in 2024.’

Another wrote, “Great movie, and Conner stole the show. Great performance.

“Great film, if you don’t understand why this switch your brain off action film isn’t good then you should have re watched Schindlers list,” one person said.

“It was not Oscar-worthy, but it was extremely enjoyable. “I adore JG in everything he does,” wrote another person.

However, some social media users couldn’t believe such great reviews of the film and said that it was actually terrible.

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“Lower standards…. It was a 3/10 at best. “If you think this was good, I’d hate to see what you rate as bad,” one person responded.
Some social media users couldn’t believe the film’s glowing reviews.

“This was the worst film I’ve ever watched! “It was so cheesy and stupid,” another said.

“Connor ruins the movie with his horrendous acting,” wrote a third.

“If you prefer males always fighting, this is for you; nonetheless, I found it monotonous and had a weak storyline. “Do not recommend,” another said.

“There is only one Road House, and it belongs to Patrick Swayze. Another unimpressed spectator said, “Sorry, but the new Road House was not good at all.”

In terms of critical reception, the film appears to be in the middle. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a tomatometer score of 60% after over 170 reviews.

So, maybe it’s best to try it and make your own decision.