This week, many celebs have spoken out about Diddy.

That’s because federal agents raided two of his homes earlier this week. They revealed that the raids were in response to sex trafficking charges. This came just a few weeks after Lil Rod filed a lawsuit alleging that the rap mogul had sex with other male celebrities and singers, including Stevie J. That one element became one of the most widely discussed aspects of the Diddy saga.

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While many people have been rushing to express their opinions recently, 50 Cent has been discussing Diddy almost constantly for months. Since Cassie’s initial lawsuit last year, which burst the dam of accusations against the rap mogul, 50 has been talking. He was posting on Instagram almost everyday, looking for fresh ways to take blows at Diddy. Unsurprisingly, that never really slowed down, and it’s gone into overdrive in the last few days. But he may have gone too far with one particular post, which garnered the ire of Stevie J and even resulted in a threat directed at him. Check out the post and responses below.