For those who don’t know, Homeland Security raided two of Diddy’s residences earlier this week.

The raids were carried out as part of a federal human trafficking investigation. During the searches, authorities allegedly discovered firearms and seized numerous phones, among other things. The music mogul and his crew have continued to maintain his innocence. They’ve even accused officials of using excessive military force.

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Regardless, Diddy and his houses have been the focus of attention since the raids, something he does not appear to enjoy. Recently, he and his crew chose an unusual technique to keep prying eyes away. They positioned many umbrellas on and around a Cadillac Escalade in Diddy’s driveway to cover the entry to his Star Island house. It’s unclear whether the umbrellas were helpful at concealing whatever the mogul was trying to hide.

“Mr. Combs was never jailed, but he did speak to and cooperate with officials. “[He] will fight every day to clear his name,” Diddy’s legal representative stated following the raids. While Diddy may have been able to keep cameras at bay with umbrellas during the highly publicized raids, they did little to deter nosy neighbors or false accusations. This week, for example, Diddy’s neighbor Khaliq Thomas drove through the pandemonium of the raids, making some outrageous accusations to a nearby reporter.

He claimed that the founder of Bad Boy Records regularly has busloads of youngsters handed up at his house in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the individual later admitted that he was merely trolling and retracted his claims.