Abby and Brittany Hensel, conjoined twins, don’t understand why everyone is freaking out over the news that one of them got married, so they’re calling out all the gawkers on social media.

Abby and Brittany have produced a couple movies on TikTok that appear to be in direct response to the momentous news that broke yesterday — albeit late — that Abby had married Army vet Josh Bowling… something that happened way back in 2021 but only recently came to light.

As previously reported, the ‘Today’ show publicly announced that Abby and Josh had married, which sparked a frenzy on the internet, with many people asking numerous questions.

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Welp, the twins heard all the discussion loud and clear — and they responded with some telling snippets that appear to be telegraphing one thing, namely… what’s all the commotion about, bub? More significantly, why is it news that one of us has said, “I do”?

Between Thursday and Friday, the twins posted three distinct TikToks to their public account, all of which appear to mock the fact that the world was shocked to hear their narrative.

One video includes a snapshot of the three of them together, as well as the caption: “This Is a Message To All the Haters Out There.” If you don’t like what I do but follow everything I do, you’re still a fan.” Other films they posted conveyed similar feelings.

It’s fair that they’re rolling their eyes at all the comments… since, frankly, they haven’t been hiding Abby’s marriage to Josh; in fact, they’ve been thoroughly recording it.

Some people appear to be unfamiliar with Abby and Brittany in general; yet, the twins claim their ailment has existed throughout history.

In terms of discussing how their relationship dynamic works, Josh tells TMZ, “We wish to keep everything private and will not be doing any interviews.”