Ice Cube hopes to make sports history by bringing female collegiate basketball player Caitlin Clark to his BIG3 league.

The story was first reported by TMZ on Wednesday (March 27), when the outlet said that Cube had offered the all-time NCAA leading scorer $5 million to participate in his three-on-three basketball league, making her the first woman to do so.

Clark, who presently plays for the Iowa Hawkeyes, would play in eight regular season games and maybe two playoff games if her club made it to the tournament.

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Clark would also receive “substantial additional compensation” from merchandising and sponsorships, while being eligible to play in the WNBA.

The 22-year-old has already announced her eligibility for the 2024 WNBA Draft, which will take place next month, and she is projected to be selected first overall by the Indiana Fever.

Ice Cube verified the news on Instagram shortly after the post was published, characterizing the offer as an opportunity to “make history and break down even more barriers for women athletes.”

“We expected to keep the offer quiet while Caitlin Clark competes for the championship. But I won’t refute what’s already been reported: BIG3 made a record offer to Caitlin Clark,” he said.

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“Why don’t we? Caitlin is a generational athlete with enormous potential in the BIG3. The naysayers laughed when we appointed Nancy Lieberman as the first female coach of a men’s professional team, and she won the championship in her first season.

“Then Lisa Leslie won everything in year two. With our offer, Caitlin Clark can make history and break down even more obstacles for female athletes.

He went on to say, “America’s female players should not be compelled to spend their off seasons playing in often depressing and questionable other countries simply to make ends meet. And they should have more than one professional option in the United States, especially as dictatorial, anti-women governments like Qatar penetrate American professional sports leagues.

“Our pathbreaking offer to Caitlin Clark demonstrates that BIG3 now offers another choice for athletes.”

BIG3, which launched in 2017, soon gained notice as the first and only Black-owned sports league.

Despite encountering pressure from the NBA, who Ice Cube claims is attempting to undermine his company, it has only grown stronger.

However, the possibly unprecedented offer to Caitlin Clark comes as Cube is under investigation for his basketball league’s broadcasting relationship with X (previously Twitter).

Last week, the N.W.A veteran confirmed that BIG3 will return on June 15.

When asked why games won’t be broadcast on Rumble Video, Cube responded: “Because we’re on X…”Better ask someone.”

Fans criticized his response, questioning his decision to do business with controversial X owner Elon Musk.

“I respect your response, but just look at who Elon communicates with and tell me I’m wrong. I still respect Cube and always will. However, I am aware of who he aligns with. “I like the Big Three because both can be correct at the same time,” one individual wrote.

“We love and admire Cube, but his association with a white supremest [sic] is all we need to know. I understand that money is important, and so do you, my guy. Just maintain it 100% and don’t be a Trojan horse for them. You embody and represent white supremacy. “Enjoy!!,” a second comment says.

The remark appeared to address Musk’s ties with characters such as disgraced US President Donald Trump, Joe Rogan, and others who are thought to be white nationalists.

Never one to give in to public pressure, Ice Cube clapped back: “Shut yo bitch ass up!” I’m not aligned with anything, punk. “I draw my own fucking lines.”