Have you ever watched a YouTube video only to find that the majority of it is uninteresting and not what you expected?

YouTube is currently testing an artificial intelligence system that will allow YouTube Premium subscribers to instantly jump to the most important part of a video. As Google hopes, this new function will allow you to skip over extensive sections that are irrelevant to what you are looking for.

Google already utilizes comparable AI techniques to assist you in finding relevant bits of videos in Google searches. Looking for information on how to repair certain sections of your car? You may have observed that Google will propose a specific segment of a YouTube video on the issue rather than the entire film. It appears that something similar is on its way to YouTube.

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Details are still scarce, but YouTube has begun testing this function with a small group of YouTube Premium members. If you enable this function, YouTube will now skip forward in videos based on your search and other parameters. To enable this, double-tap your screen to skip ahead, and you will see a button on qualified films that will take you to the AI-recommended location in the video.

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Here’s Google’s announcement for this feature:

Google is undoubtedly hoping that this feature would encourage more YouTube viewers to pay for YouTube Premium. This is only a beta test for the time being, and depending on how the test goes, it may or may not be made available to all YouTube Premium members. Google has previously tested additional features only to not see a full rollout when the beta test concluded.