On March 16, two longstanding executives of the advertising industry and their two young children perished in a traffic accident in San Francisco. Their families, friends, and coworkers are in mourning.

Diego Cardoso de Oliveira, 40, an executive creative director at Apple, and Matilde Moncada Ramos Pinto, 38, an executive producer at RSA Films, were among the deceased. Additionally, their toddler son Joaquim Ramos Pinto de Oliveira and 3-month-old infant Caueʂ Ramos Pinto de Oliveira were also among the fatalities..

Authorities say the family was standing at a bus shelter at Ulloa Street and Lenox Way in the West Portal neighborhood when the bus shelter was struck by a Mercedes SUV.

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Cardoso de Oliveira had more than five years of experience at Apple, having spent a decade working for agencies such as AMV BBDO, Mother, and BBH in the United Kingdom. He began his professional life in Brazil as an art director for agencies.

Cardoso de Oliveira’s career was filled with dozens of acclaimed advertisements. In 2018, he served as the art director for AMV’s “Viva La Vula” advertisement for Libresse, one of his most notable works.

Two years prior, Moncada Ramos Pinto had served as an EP at RSA, after having served for five years as the company’s directors’ representative. She worked for Crow’s Nest Productions in the United Kingdom and Ireland previously.

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A family member of the deceased couple said in a statement, “Diego and Matilde were devoted and affectionate guardians who cherished every moment spent with their two young boys.” “They exemplified the epitome of “life enhancers”—individuals whom all enjoyed the company of—constantly cheerful, amusing, benevolent, and eager to seize the chances that life presented them.” As evidence of this, consider the profoundly moving outpouring of sorrow and sympathy from around the globe.

“Digue, Matilde, Joaquim, and Caue were cherished by us, and we are certain that their enduring legacy will be the affection they bestowed upon their family and friends.””

Apple and RSA Films, in addition to the San Francisco Police Department and the initial responders to the accident, were thanked by the family “for their tremendous assistance and support throughout this trying time.”

The family added, “We would also like to extend our sincere appreciation to all our family and friends, whose assistance enabled us to endure these trying times.” “At this time of sorrow, we have no additional information to impart and ask that you honor the privacy of our family as they mourn.”

According to the San Francisco Police Department, Mary Fong Lau, 78, was arrested on suspicion of felony vehicular manslaughter, felony negligent driving resulting in bodily injury, and additional traffic violations in connection with the accident. An investigation is currently underway into the accident.

Apple, AMV BBDO, BBH, Mother, and RSA collectively conveyed their sorrow in a statement regarding the demise of their “cherished friends” and their two juvenile offspring.