Clements Design Inc., Kim’s go-to design studio, informs sources… “This issue was brought to our knowledge more than a year ago.

We contacted with the Judd Foundation’s counsel and clearly said that there were significant disparities between Kim’s office tables and chairs and the Judd Foundation’s tables and seats.”

They continue, “The Judd Foundation’s earlier counsel acknowledged these disparities, and since then, we haven’t heard from them in over a year, and we’re now being surprised by a lawsuit. Efforts were made to address this problem peacefully at the time, but the Judd Foundation refused to settle on reasonable terms. These claims have no merit.”

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Kim Kardashian is being sued by the estate of a well-known artist, who alleges she promoted a slew of furniture she claims he created… but none of it was his.

The Estate of Donald Judd, an artist known for sculptures and distinctively created items, including furniture, claims Kim posted a video in 2022 in which she provided a tour of her SKKN workplace, highlighting a table and a set of chairs she claimed were Judd originals.

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According to the documents obtained by TMZ, the Estate alleges Kim purchased this furniture from a company named Clements Design, which is also a defendant, but it is unclear whether Kim was aware the pieces were not authentic.

Unfortunately for Kim, the Estate alleges these things were knockoffs, and because Kim marketed them as the real McCoy, consumers and media outlets assumed the works were created by Judd.

According to the Estate, Judd’s reputation and legacy have suffered as a result of the notoriety her video has received.

The Estate wants Kim to remove the video, withdraw her claims that the furnishings was Judd originals, and receive earnings from Clements Design.

We contacted Kim’s representative, but have yet to receive a response.