According to the photographer who captured those classic photographs, John Lennon didn’t hold back when it came to his dislike for the Beatles’ 1964 knockout photo shoot with Muhammad Ali.

Famous Beatles photographer Harry Benson revealed the tension between the superstars while commemorating 60 years of photographing the band, according to Fox News Digital… Ali wasted no time in pouring shade at the vocalists, claiming that their music was not very good.

Not only did Ali criticize the Beatles’ musical abilities, but he also sized them up, labeling them “tiny, small, little men” in comparison to his towering stature.

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According to Harry, Ali continued to deliver knockout blows to the Fab Four’s egos, declaring he was better handsome than them (although he said that to everyone) and was absolutely certain that John and co. would not sass him again since he was the champion.

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It wasn’t until the filming was over that the Beatles broke up, with Lennon calling the whole thing a mistake and accused Ali of making them appear silly.

While Benson claims his idea for the shoot came to fruition and he was pleased with the results, he claims the Beatles, including surviving members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, would never forgive him.