Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided on Monday. Overall, it was a major story that dominated headlines for the past 36 hours.

However, there is a great deal of uncertainty regarding what is actually going on. Some on social media claimed that the music mogul had been barred from flying. Furthermore, others claimed he flew to Antigua as a way of escape. Instead, Diddy is not on the run, and Homeland Security has informed him that he is not under arrest. The Feds did, however, seize the artist’s electronic gadgets for further examination.

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Diddy’s attorney, Aaron Dyer, told HipHopDX that all of this is a coordinated “witch hunt.” He even described it as a “ambush” involving both federal agents and the media. With a strong media presence outside Diddy’s home, Dyer claims the press was aware of the situation ahead of time. To top it all off, Dyer claimed that military-level force was employed during the operation. Needless to say, Diddy and his staff are enraged by everything.

“Yesterday, there was a gross overuse of military-level force as search warrants were executed at Mr. Combs’ residences,” the statement goes on to say. “There is no reason for the authorities’ disproportionate use of force and hostility, as well as the treatment of his children and staff. Mr. Combs was never jailed, but he did speak to and cooperate with officials. Despite media conjecture, neither Mr. Combs nor any of his family members have been detained, nor have their travel rights been limited in any manner.