Diddy’s two sons, who were escorted out of his Los Angeles house during a federal raid, returned late at night — but hurriedly left with their belongings in tow.

Justin and King Combs, who were captured on film in handcuffs as Homeland Security investigators combed through their father’s Beverly Hills house, eventually arrived and fled late Monday night… after the feds had a good look around.

Once the raid was complete and the streets cleared, we’re told the house appeared reasonably empty — but it wasn’t until Justin arrived at the property at 10:30 p.m. PT that there was some movement, including what appeared to be him carrying boxes and/or bags. Paps stationed outside recorded the action from beyond the main gate.

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We’re told Justin eventually gathered his items and departed, and King arrived separately a few hours later, appearing to gather his things and go as well.

There were more people in the mix as Justin and King came and went, but it’s unclear who they were. In any case, we’ve been told that no one has returned to the property yet.

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As previously reported, Justin and King were directly involved in Monday’s raid in Los Angeles, where they were brought out by federal authorities and finally handcuffed as Homeland Security searched the property and probed around.

According to sources with direct information, none of Diddy’s family members were arrested on Monday, including him. At this moment, we are informed that his movements are unfettered.

Clearly, the Combs lads didn’t want to loiter and wait for any more surprises, so it appears they’re meeting somewhere else… no word on where.